New Asian Leaders agree to proudly manage Mr Phillip Yin's outreach campaign in Asian Pacific American (APA) Communities

Global journalist will speak at Saturday's Republican State Committee Meeting

On January 16, 2016, New Asian Leaders agree to proudly manage Mr Phillip Yin's outreach campaign in Asian Pacific American (APA) Communities. The purpose of initiative is to raise the awareness in APA communities, promoting our participation in the political processes in US, and raise funds for Phillip Yin election campaign.


作为一位土生土长的雅基玛人,贝尔优市市民,严正刚宣布他将参加2016年华盛顿州副州长竞选。 他将利用他在金融和经济上的专业知识和丰富经验带领华盛顿成为就业和商业的全国第一。严正刚是一名表现卓越的知名新闻主播,也是一名业绩优异的投资管理人,瞩目全球商业市场。严先生将在周六,即本月二十三日在雅基玛的共和党州委员会上发布竞选宣言:

“对于宣布参加华盛顿州副州长的竞选我十分兴奋,也感到非常荣幸,” 严正刚说道,“得力于诸多州政府官员,私营企业营业者以及许许多多伟大劳工的努力,我很确定我们可以将华盛顿州打造成对家庭友好,能创造岗位的创新大州。我计划努力工作以确保我们的孩子在将来能得到最好的教育,最好的劳工团队,以及最好的工作。”


作为华盛顿大学的校友和华大校长俱乐部的成员,严正刚还创立了“严正刚和他的朋友们:美国梦奖学金”,帮助弱势学生们实现他们的大学梦。“我在私营企业里的经验会保障工人和企业得到最公平的对待,” 他说到,“我会尽我一切所能为伟大的选民和我们宝贵的价值去奋斗。”


Bellevue resident and Yakima native Phillip Yin announces he will run for Lieutenant Governor of Washington state. He will use his financial and economic expertise to make Washington Number 1 for jobs and businesses. He is a leading business anchor/journalist for major networks and a former portfolio manager covering global markets. Yin will speak at the Washington State Republican Party State Committee Meeting in Yakima on Saturday, Jan. 23rd.

"I'm excited and honored to announce my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Washington," Yin said. "With the support of numerous state officials, private sector executives and the many great workers of the state, I know we can make Washington the most family-friendly, job-creating and innovative state in the country. I plan to work hard to ensure that our children get the best education possible, to have the best work force possible, and to have the best jobs possible for the future of this state."

Yin is a leading business/political anchor previously with Bloomberg Television and CNBC Asia. He helped launch CCTV America as anchor of Global Business America and covered the 2012 presidential election. Yin also covered major events for Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, Amazon, and Holland America. In the investment community, he was a senior portfolio manager and strategist for the Swiss-based Unifund. He also provided due diligence on private equity investments. At Charles Schwab, he launched the portfolio management business in Hong Kong. Yin helped lead and investigated credit derivative losses' after Lehman's bankruptcy in 2008. The investigation led to the settlement and recovery of $1.8 billion from 16 banks on behalf of over 40,000 investors.

Yin also created the "Phillip Yin and Friends American Dream Scholarship," and is a member of the University of Washington President's Club. "My private sector experience will ensure workers and businesses have the fairest playing field," Yin said. "I will do everything humanly possible to fight for the great voters of this state and our great values."

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